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Using astrology & spirituality to inform, empower, affirm & guide those seeking change & personal transformation.

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12 reviews
  • Jamil·

    The consultation was great! I was able to talk discuss my thoughts concisely on which reading to choose. I love her energy and look forward to booking a session soon!

  • Andre·

    This has been a great experience and I am appreciative of the knowledge that Melissa shared with me about my chart. She explained things well and answered all my questions.

  • Britne·

    Melissa is authentic, detailed and precise!! I appreciate the attention to detail as well as how gently she handles you. Simply put, she’s lovely!

  • Jenee' (Fay)·

    I appreciate being told what I NEED to hear in any capacity, but I now have new expectations for how I am communicated with, simply because Melissa has a way of relaying difficult to digest messages with love and ease. I genuinely believe she is doing something she enjoys but is using her energy to help others. This also speaks to me with having the same calling and will help me in the future to shift my perspective to gratitude with being of service. I even more so appreciate the patience and time she took to explain in depth what I should be embodying moving forward. There was absolutely no biases or judgement, and I feel I can take on what lies ahead of me with hope and empowerment. I hope to book again soon. :)

  • Zoe·

    Where go begin…Melissa was super compassionate and has an aura about her that makes you feel comfortable and safe. The things we discussed were so informative and really resonated with me. We were able to point out patterns along with things to specifically help me grow in my areas of insecurity. You will want a pen and paper to because it’s a lot of information. The things you will be told are affirming to what you probably already knew about yourself. Overall I suggest booking with Melissa especially if you do not have a solid background in astrology because she explains in a way that is inclusive 🤎

  • M·

    Melissa is extremely knowledgeable about life in general and she is a fantastic astrologer!! She has helped me gained clarity on various placements on my chart and how they tie into so many manifestations in my current and past lives. I thought I knew a lil sumthin about astrology but Listrology has shown me that theres levels. I am so thankful to have met Melissa and am a returning client. Thank you so much for your light and insight.

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